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Dean of the college academic community congratulates its students dear by the new academic year 2016- 2017

Marking the start of the new academic year 2016 – 2017 progressing Deanship of the Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Muthanna to students Dear best felicitations and blessings they are stepping nicest another step in the way of the future, and put another building block for the future of Iraq and the edifice Shamekh,
Dean of the college also congratulates all those who found and worked hard and found the fruit of their efforts and wish them further successes, as we wish for the students who were forced by circumstances to delays in their studies Muwafaqiya and success,
Also congratulates Dean of the college teaching family and urges them to go ahead and play the guiding role of the Sons of Iraq in the direction of the country’s unity and ensure the security and sovereignty and deepen the national feeling in the hearts of students, and to make Iraq above all other affiliation,
We wish to all our dear our students and faculty members in greater successes and May God help us all to the good of Iraq and the Iraqis.

(2004) students participating in the first round of exams for the academic year 2015-2016

Began on Saturday, 14.05.2016 at the headquarters of the scientific departments in the Faculty of Administration and Economy of final exams / the first round for the academic year 2015-2016 .. and which will hopefully continue to Faye 04/06/2016.

This was announced by the management of the website, Dr. Salam Jassim Hamoud Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, adding that the number of students participating in the exams reached (2004) students by (1045), a student of the Department of Accounting and (959) students of the Department of Banking and Finance and studies the morning and evening.

He said, “The College Deanship provided all the human and material supplies to the success of the exam process and provide the best atmosphere in front of the college students to achieve scientific excellence by creating the halls exam and maintenance of air conditioners and in line with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research instructions.

On the other hand visited Prof. Dr. Hassan al-Ghanemi president of the university halls exam at the Faculty of Administration and Economy and briefed on the progress exam process

Assistant Professor Dr. Amer Ali Hussein Al-Atwi dean of the college gets the Higher Education of Social Sciences Award

assistant professor Dr. Amer Ali Hussein Atwi Dean of the College has got  on Higher Education Award for Social Sciences / specialization economy and business for his research “Relationships between status judgment, identification, and counterproductive behavior” and published in the Journal Journal of Managerial Psychology, which bear impact 1.25 coefficient.

The award is given by the ministry to a group of researchers in appreciation of the tender Walther creative and achievements they have made in various scientific fields of knowledge and recognition of the role of researchers in the modernization of the educational system in the new Iraq and push it to where excellence and innovation of high-level and sobriety.

The research aims to shed light on the theoretical and practical factors that lead to the occurrence of deviant behavior in the work of the Iraqi governmental organizations through the use of a contemporary entrance in organizational behavior is known entrance organizational identity.

Deanship of the Faculty of Administration and Economics invites students admitted centrally for the academic year 2015 -2016 to review the headquarters of the deanship to complete the registration procedures

Directed Deanship of the Faculty of Administration and Economics students accepted the invitation to centrally for the academic year 2015 -2016 to review Dean’s headquarters in the educational complex for the purpose of completing the registration procedures ..

This was announced by the website of Dr. Salam Jassim AL- Ardy Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Deanship, adding that the college has formed a specialized committee to receive students and facilitating their registration procedures and in line with the directives of the Presidency of Muthanna University and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

For his part, Mr. Kamel Daham Director of Registration Division at the college announced the completion of all preparations for the registration of new students, adding, “The registration deadline will be the end of the official work day on 11.30.2015.”

“The student brought the following archives: –

1.otheiqh junior high school entitled to Muthanna University / Faculty of Administration and Economy certified by the Directorate General of Education in Al-Muthanna

2.medical examination

3.almsthompskat four reproduced paper one

4. color photos Number 6

5. Book support from the sponsor department with a copy of his identity