(2004) students participating in the first round of exams for the academic year 2015-2016

Began on Saturday, 14.05.2016 at the headquarters of the scientific departments in the Faculty of Administration and Economy of final exams / the first round for the academic year 2015-2016 .. and which will hopefully continue to Faye 04/06/2016.

This was announced by the management of the website, Dr. Salam Jassim Hamoud Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, adding that the number of students participating in the exams reached (2004) students by (1045), a student of the Department of Accounting and (959) students of the Department of Banking and Finance and studies the morning and evening.

He said, “The College Deanship provided all the human and material supplies to the success of the exam process and provide the best atmosphere in front of the college students to achieve scientific excellence by creating the halls exam and maintenance of air conditioners and in line with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research instructions.

On the other hand visited Prof. Dr. Hassan al-Ghanemi president of the university halls exam at the Faculty of Administration and Economy and briefed on the progress exam process

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