A.m.d.Amer Ali L- Atwi gets the award on the Iraqi science day 2016

R & D department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific names winning awards and research announced on” Iraqi science day”  categorized by specialties and awards covered by them. Which included for A.m.d. Amer Ali Atwi dean of the college of social sciences award.
The celebration included the establishment of cultural and art events and awards in nine areas, including the Order of Scientific Excellence Award, and the award for best university or a distinct body made more achievements, and the award for best scientific journal.
Included other prizes Award best center or research unit, and the award for innovation and creativity of scientific and patent, and the award for best book of the author or translator, and the award for teaching staff distinguished deploy search in specialized solid international scientific journal, and the award for graduate student publisher to discuss the project research in specialized international scientific journal , as well as honor the best project for students in grades ended.
And held this annual celebration in order to stimulate researchers and lecturers and universities to provide the best, and to support the educational process to reach our institutions and our centers of educational research to proceed positioned to have an area of ​​competition by side advanced universities globally points.

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